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from Skate Farm

Player Bio

Athletic Background

Playing fetch, swimming, hiking, running

Derby Awards/ Accolades

Best track awareness

Roller Derby Background

I supervise practices and bouts from the bench, and get to run laps when practice is done!


Fetch, balls, squeaky toys, bones, naps, food, running, swimming, hiking, the dog park, smelling all the smells, hogging the bed, chasing squirrels, getting love and attention, face rubs and butt scratches, my mom


Fireworks, baths, when my mom gets hit, when my mom rides, getting out of bed in the morning

Activities/ Hobbies

Working for my mom, making people happy, supervising the radiology office/hallway when my mom works, cleaning the kitchen floor

Random Facts

I will be 7 years old in June. I’m a purebred mutt (lab, shepherd, cattle dog mix), I was named by a 7 year old, I was a barn dog until I was about 1 1/2 years old before I was officially trained as a service dog. I completed my training when I was 2, and I’ve been a service dog for almost 5 years now. My hind legs vibrate when I get excited.