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Snark Bite #789: My Derby Journey

You know that moment when you are inches away from the goals you’ve been working your whole life for when suddenly fate tears the rug out from under you and sends you hurtling into the darkness? That’s how my derby journey began, 2 years before I’d ever heard of the […]

New Recruit - Fresh Hops

4-19: New Recruit Night – Join Roller Derby!

Ready to meet your fitness goals, have a ton of fun and meet some incredible people?! Join FoCo Roller Derby to play the world’s fastest growing sport! Find out what it takes to play derby and how you can be a part of this AMAZING league!   We are looking for […]

Urkk'n Derby

Urrk’n Derby: Roller Derby T-stops

When learning to do a T-stop keep weight in front leg using outside edge, back leg should be lightly touching, don’t shift all your weight onto your back leg. Slowly put pressure evenly onto your back leg; and touch all 4 wheels to the ground. Once your comfortable with the […]

Urkk'n Derby

Urrk’n Derby: Derby Right Foot Snow Plow

Right foot snow plows help with lateral movement when stopping a jammer when you combine them with center snow plows and Left foot snow plows. To develop more roller derby skills visit UrrknDerby.com

Urkk'n Derby

Urrk’n Derby: Roller Derby Straightaway strokes

Roller derby Straightaway strokes involve pushing and transferring your weight from one leg to the other, when shifting your weight be sure to circle your leg behind you and don’t kick straight back. To develop more roller derby skills visit UrrknDerby.com

Urkk'n Derby

Urrk’n Derby: Stationary Crosses for Roller Derby

Stationary Crossing helps with shifting your weight, non-skating crosses, using your edges and adjusting your footing to exchange your feet instead of stepping across. To develop more roller derby skills visit UrrknDerby.com

Urkk'n Derby

Urrk’n Derby: Roller Derby Stance

Roller derby stance covers the nose, knees and toes technique that will help improve your derby stance which will also help improve your snow plows when playing derby. To develop more roller derby skills visit UrrknDerby.com

Buying Lego’s

Building a house is never easy. It takes months of planning, hard labor, and lots of split decisions along the way. Now imagine pouring the foundation, building the frame, putting in the plumbing and wiring, and finishing the drywall. You’ve put bricks on half of the house and the second […]

My Weight Loss Journey

So why did you join roller derby? This is usually one of the first questions someone asks me when they find out I joined the sport. I respond to that question similarly to most of the things in my life- I did it on a whim. After all, I had […]

Mollytov 2.0

My Derby Resolutions: 1. Eat like a champ. But seriously,like a champ because I AM a champ. Or will be this season. I don’t want to say that I eat like crap, but I also don’t eat all the things I should. I don’t drink enough water either and I […]

Give to FoCo Roller Derby

FoCo Roller Derby is a skater-owned and operated organization comprised of skaters, coaches, officials, and volunteers. We work hard every day to promote and foster the sport of flat-track roller derby through athleticism, sportspersonship, inclusion, and empowerment of its members.