Does No One Here Care About the Rules?!

Another spring; another rule set.  What’s a girl to do?  Alas, it’s the sport we play.  The rules seem to change like the weather in March, and if you want to enjoy the sport you love and not spend the entire time in the box, then you have to hit […]

Non Skating Officials – Heart and Soul in Roller Derby

For many years I had been interested in roller derby, despite having never attended a bout. It wasn’t until I met two co-workers, Unchained Malady and Mollytov Maguire, who spoke so enthusiastically about their league, FoCo Girls Gone Derby that I finally decided to go to their 2013 Season Opener […]

The Showdown

The first week in March is designated each year for the Wild West Showdown, a round-robin style tournament that features a ton of hungry leagues looking to rise in rankings, and “showdown” is the perfect word to describe it.  We all show up, angry that the TSA confiscated our skate […]


Right-Sizing your Derby Involvement

This week The Original Skankster and I sharing this little blog-o-sphere with a side-by-side piece about how we make derby fit our lives. I firmly believe that derby can be the right fit for everyone, and there are degrees to which you can be involved. From the intensity and glory […]

Offical Review: Being Gay in Sports

The views expressed in this blog entry are the opinion and do not necessarily reflect or endorse the views of Foco Girls Gone Derby, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association or any other sports entity. If you’ve If you’ve picked up a copy of the sports section lately, you might […]

Handing Over the Reigns

I’ve been in management positions for most of my adult life; I’ve managed multiple restaurants and even have a degree in management.  After a few months of playing roller derby, I knew that I wouldn’t be content not having some say in the organization of the league.  So, as a […]

Roller Derby is (also) for Introverts!

I love people. I love watching them. I love listening to them (when they know I am listening and when they don’t). I don’t really love interacting with them though. As much I love being a part of social situations, I don’t really want to be social in them. I […]

What’s Your Roller Derby Spirit Animal?

Ever wonder what kind of skater you are?  Do you ever feel inadequate with the skill-set you have? Wishing that you could just skate like that one girl on the team you envy? Wait, really?  WHY?! Roller derby is about a place for everyone; every body type and every skill-set. […]

Battle-ing Jamming

If you’ve ever read a roller derby blog then, inevitably, you’ve read about the dreaded jammer panty. Also known as the plague panty. If you’re unfamiliar, the jammer panty is the helmet cover that the jammer (point-scorer) wears on the track.  Think of it as a giant target plastered to […]

Mollytov 2.0

My Derby Resolutions: 1. Eat like a champ. But seriously,like a champ because I AM a champ. Or will be this season. I don’t want to say that I eat like crap, but I also don’t eat all the things I should. I don’t drink enough water either and I […]

Give to FoCo Roller Derby

FoCo Roller Derby is a skater-owned and operated organization comprised of skaters, coaches, officials, and volunteers. We work hard every day to promote and foster the sport of flat-track roller derby through athleticism, sportspersonship, inclusion, and empowerment of its members.